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Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Modern Three Dimensional Wall Panels by Dupont

Posted: 03 Mar 2011 07:51 AM PST

3 d wall panels photos

Feeling boring with wall appearance in home, You can enhance the wall performance by installing the alternative wall panels by the Dupont. They has collection of the Modern Three Dimensional Wall Panels to decorate the home interior and decoration performance. They offer different and unique wall panels then usual like paint, wall paper, tile or others. This amazing 3 D wall panels is a unique way to bring some exciting decorative wall panels in our home. These dramatic wall-mounted textures and aesthetically satisfying three-dimensional design patterns are based on the visually complex genius of some of history's most famous mathematical concepts. Not just for home this 3 D wall panels very perfect installed but also for office, cafe or others to give different interior and decoration performance.

3 d cafe wall panels photos
amazing 3 d wall panel
modern office  3 d wall panels images
stunning 3 d wall panels picture

Glamour Girl’s Room Design and Decoration by

Posted: 02 Mar 2011 10:42 PM PST

luxury girl room set photos

When our daughter growing up. We have to think about her room to keep her privacy and sleeping. For the better result, We have to discuss with our girl what kind of room design and interior she will desire. We can not decided by ourselves. Usually, girl room not just for sleeping, but also has many function like for dressing up, studying or hanging out with hers freind. Most of girl love hers room with pink and soft color since this color has characteristic tidy, shady, soft and calm. Halleyjunio the Italian Designer Interior Company has the collection of Glamour Girl’s Room Design and Decoration that might could be your reference to design or remodell your lovely girl room. They design the girl room with the furniture and the arrangement such : dresser, lighting, closet and the color. . Please, keep looking of this luxury girl bedroom design and decoration with your girl, and discuss Which one She like.

Glamour Girls Room and closet
Glamour Girl's Room Design and Interior
Glamour Pink Theme Girls Room
Glamour white theme Girls Room design

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