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Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Eco Friendly Kids Furniture by Hecmec

Posted: 01 Mar 2011 07:32 AM PST

eco friendly kids furniture

Eco friendly very popular now to create something for reducing the global warming and save our future. For the designer interior and furniture eco friendly also popular. HECMEC folding chairs and table is the example. This eco friendly kids furnituree made by the paper tubing connectors that can be colored on and exchanged out in order to change in size as your child grows. Large size chairs are under development, hoping that not only children but also adults use our chairs as they are very earth-friendly. The same design concept is maintained so that adult chairs are also safe and comfortable, by using paper tube frames and the same cylinders and leg joints as those for children’s chairs. By using the recycled furniture materials, We can teach the children to love the environment with fun, happy and safe.

eco friendly kids furniture set photos

Charme : Retro Funky Chairs Design

Posted: 01 Mar 2011 06:37 AM PST

unusual shaped chairs design

This Charme : Retro Funky Chairs Design designed by Italian Furniture Designer Furniture Desartcollection. We can find the characteristic of retro funky chairs such as : contrasting color, unusual design, unusual pattern, variey of shapeds and the size : oversized or undersized in this collection. This Silent elegant chairs finished with the lacquered in glossy black, Charme has a heart that is cold like ice and tenuous blue, perhaps like its eyes. The structure in fabric-covered black seems to become more slender though it is unchanged, while the fabric makes it more precious and refined in its subtle lines that recall antique French fabrics. The movements of the wood tell us stories and sinuous and rapid movements outline a crown and slender legs to demonstrate how color and details can enhance a form and give it a diverse and distinct personality.

retro funky chairs design
retro chairs design

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