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Homeowners Insurance Rates May Rise With New Hurricane Modeling Software

Posted: 28 Feb 2011 05:57 AM PST

Hurricane-DamageI can hear the calls to the insurance agents now. “What do you mean my homeowners insurance just went up a hundred dollars because of a hurricane risk? I live 200 miles from the #$%#$% coast!”

Well the agent can blame new technology. A new modeling software package from Risk Management Solutions, Inc. that goes way beyond the criteria that other models project.

The factors include the size of the hurricane and how much of it is still over the water, how fast it is moving, and whether a storm is strengthening or weakening just before landfall. Terrain also plays a role; a storm will be torn apart by mountains, but will be able to gather fuel from swampy areas like the Everglades in hurricane-prone Florida.

The model also accounts for the spike in the cost of construction materials after a storm and updates assumptions about the damage that even a moderate hurricane can do to commercial buildings in some regions to reflect the strictness of local building codes—and how well those codes are enforced. via the WSJ

Gone are the days where only those living in the coastal regions of hurricane country have to bear the brunt of the extra fees in their homeowners insurance. Now the risk will be spread out further and wider.

Of course, if you live on the coast don’t expect your premiums to go down any. That would be just crazy.

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Homeowners Insurance Rates May Rise With New Hurricane Modeling Software

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